Romans props Inception custom lightsaber Crystal Focus 8 & 7.4V battery

Plecta Labs Crystal Focus V8 soundboard.
18500 7.4V battery pack.
Royal blue/Royal blue/White main Led.
Veco 28mm Bass Speaker.
Recharge port hidden under control box activation panel.
Custom module Chassis system designed by myself and printed at Shapeways. ( available here for version one of the Inception hilt )

Solo’s Hold Ahsoka Tano Shoto custom lightsaber

Plecta Labs Nano Biscuit  V3 soundboard.
18500 3.7v battery.
Lime/Lime/white Rebel main Led.
20mm Veco speaker.
chassis & battery holder designed by myself  and 3D printed at Shapeways.
Custom hidden recharge port location.

Jaina Solo lightsaber, JSK AP ( Artists Proof ) custom lightsaber.

JSK AP custom lightsaber.

This Lightsaber is based on the Kotobikuya figure version of Jaina Solo’s Jedi Weapon.

Designed and custom machined by myself using MHS parts with the exception of the Blade holder which I designed and had made by The Custom Saber Shop.

Plecta Labs Crystal Focus V 7.5 & CEX

RGB main LED

2 Watt base speaker in removable holder

7.4V 18500 battery pack, 2000 MAH made by Myself using Samsung Batteries

custom chassis designed by myself and printed at Shapeways.

This lightsaber is the Artist Proof and will be staying in my possession.

OR/KR Deep groove Qui Gon custom lightsaber

One Replica/KRsabers deep groove Qui Gon Jin custom lightsaber.

Plecta Labs Prizm V3.0 sound board

G/G/W main LED

3.7V 18500 2000 MAH battery.

custom machine work to fit larger sound board and aux switch hole.

MR Darth Maul staff with CF V8.0 and CEX

Worlds first finished MR Darth Maul Staff saber fitted with Plecta Labs Crystal Focus V.8.0 & CEX

half saber mode.