Ultimate Works count Dooku saber

Ultimate Works Count Dooku lightsaber.
Plecter Labs prizm 5.1
3.7v 18650 battery
Veco 20mm speaker
tri cree DR/DR/W main led
rear of heatsink machined to allow blade holder to sit flush at emitter.
2 part 3D chassis designed by myself ( Bombarta ) and available via the Bespin Custom Props Shapeways store.
accent led in pommel to match blade effects.


Solo’s Hold Ahsoka Tano Clone Wars lightsaber set.

Main hand.
Crystal focus V6.5
G/G/W main LED
7.4v 14650 battery
28mm bass speaker
Bespin custom props chassis
custom hidden recharge port

Off hand.
Nano Biscuit V3
3.7V 18500 battery
L/L/W main LED
20mm speaker
Bespin custom props chassis
custom hidden recharge port

Romans Props Inception with CF8/CEX and 7.4V battery

this is another first of it’s kind.
redesigned the chassis to hold the Plecta Labs colour extender.

Crystal Focus V8
Colour extender
Rb/B/W main LED
7.4V 18500 battery
28mm bass speaker
recharge port hidden in control box
Bespin custom props modular chassis system
Bespin custom props aluminium heatsink
Bespin custom props accurate style blade plug

chassis kit available at shapeways.  https://www.shapeways.com/shops/bespin-custom-props

Fusion Custom Lightsaber

all customised MHS parts lightsaber hilt work done by myself. Pommel by Solo’s Hold.
Plecta Labs Petit Crouton V3 soundboard.
B/B/B main led.
Veco 28mm Bass speaker.
one of my custom designed covertec recharge sockets.
custom chassis designed by myself and 3D printed a Shapeways.
crystal chamber reveal.

Jaina Solo kotobukiya custom lightsaber by Bombarta JSK CC

lightsaber design concept scaled up by myself from 1/8 scale Kotobukiya to 1/1.
Plecta Labs Crystal Focus soundboard with CEX ( colour extender ).
18500 7.4V battery pack.
RGB main Led.
Veco 28mm bass speaker in detachable pod.
Rice access via mini socket.
Custom chassis designed by myself and printed at Shapeways.
Crystal Chamber with soap bubble Marble.
custom made power and axillary switches.
Custom made covertec with recharge port designed by myself.
comes with matching production code stand.