Fusion Custom Lightsaber

all customised MHS parts lightsaber hilt work done by myself. Pommel by Solo’s Hold.
Plecta Labs Petit Crouton V3 soundboard.
B/B/B main led.
Veco 28mm Bass speaker.
one of my custom designed covertec recharge sockets.
custom chassis designed by myself and 3D printed a Shapeways.
crystal chamber reveal.

Jaina Solo kotobukiya custom lightsaber by Bombarta JSK CC

lightsaber design concept scaled up by myself from 1/8 scale Kotobukiya to 1/1.
Plecta Labs Crystal Focus soundboard with CEX ( colour extender ).
18500 7.4V battery pack.
RGB main Led.
Veco 28mm bass speaker in detachable pod.
Rice access via mini socket.
Custom chassis designed by myself and printed at Shapeways.
Crystal Chamber with soap bubble Marble.
custom made power and axillary switches.
Custom made covertec with recharge port designed by myself.
comes with matching production code stand.

Romans props Inception custom lightsaber Crystal Focus 8 & 7.4V battery

Plecta Labs Crystal Focus V8 soundboard.
18500 7.4V battery pack.
Royal blue/Royal blue/White main Led.
Veco 28mm Bass Speaker.
Recharge port hidden under control box activation panel.
Custom module Chassis system designed by myself and printed at Shapeways. ( available here https://www.shapeways.com/shops/bespin-custom-props for version one of the Inception hilt )

Solo’s Hold Ahsoka Tano Shoto custom lightsaber

Plecta Labs Nano Biscuit  V3 soundboard.
18500 3.7v battery.
Lime/Lime/white Rebel main Led.
20mm Veco speaker.
chassis & battery holder designed by myself  and 3D printed at Shapeways.
Custom hidden recharge port location.

Ahsoka Tano custom 1/4 scale statue

this statue is a work in progress and this page will be updated as I do video updates of the work.