This is Bespin Custom Props, my personal custom prop website where I will feature my personal custom lightsaber builds and some of my favourite commissioned work.

I am UK based and go by the name of Bombarta on the imperial royal arms and fxsabers forums, and can be found as Ventrissrocks on rebal scum forum and gazyang on sideshow freaks forum.

If you are interested in finding out more or are interested in a custom lightsaber commission, please feel free to use the contact page to get in touch.

I can take on pretty much any custom lightsaber design or install work that needs to be done.

I order most of my parts from the Custom Saber Shop in the U.S. and JQ sabers in the UK. and have a professional machinist to deal with extreme custom work involving 4 axis milling machines and major lathe work.

if a commission for a custom Lightsaber is desired I, do not take a deposit for my work but instead take payment for the parts. Only once the project is finished  do I take payment for my work. I also do not increase the final cost of my work, if I say it will be £300 then that’s what the final cost will be, I will only increase the cost if the design is altered or changed during the commission. If you choose to abandon the project because of financial reasons or a change of heart then all the parts you purchased will be sent to you, if work has begun then I will only charge you for that work carried out and the parts will only be returned once that work is paid for.  If the Lightsaber is finished and you cannot make the final payment then your lightsaber will be held for 6 months to give you a chance to either manage the payment or pay it off via a payment plan. If after 6 months the debt has not been settled then I will sell the Lightsaber to recover my Labour Fee and any remaining funds will be sent to you hopefully, covering the cost of the parts you paid for at the start of the commission. I will also sell the Lightsaber on your behalf if you do not or cannot make final payment.